Selected Works with Scores Available

This piece was written for a specific chamber orchestra that groups the instrument families together in even numbers. The genesis of this piece was a lengthy graphic score that was transcribed into standard notation for the orchestra. The point of the graphic score was to notate the structure my ideas in a more free manner, without being bothered with the rigor of the standard notation. The piece focusses on single chord progression and a rhythmic concept.

"Walk on the Frame" - Youtube Video
This piece employs some slightly unusual notation. There is no meter or pulse defined for this piece, but the performers are required to stay together. While originally created for a dance and music collaboration with my wife, Sarah Woods-LaDue, this piece has been performed by a variety of ensembles and has been published in the Bay Area Composers book.

This song was created as part of a collaborative project with Matthew Hettich. Using the tracker software Renoise we were able to send back and forth files and destructively edit what each other person had done. This score was created when this song was performed by The Dirty Snacks ensemble, led by Mark Pascucci-Clifford. It was an exercise in translating dense electronically manipulated material into clear notated parts that were performable by real humans.

For the live band iteration of my metal project, Onkos, we had an alternate instrumentation from that which was featured on the recording. This very unusual live ensemble employs 5 chekere players, cello, acoustic guitar, bass, synthesizer, trumpet, tenor sax, trombone, and 2 vocalists. Arranging for this instrumentation allowed me to expand the harmonic and sonic scope of the original material, ultimately leading to a revised template for the second Onkos album, which will be released in early 2023.

This piece was commissioned by a new music ensemble named "Fiiktet". I was asked to write something that would challenge their performance skills but was also fun and excited. For this project I strived to create a piece that was through-composed, with no significantly repeated ideas. I was very impressed by how well this ensemble performed this piece.

This is a piece written for a standard full orchestra.

This is a transcription of a free improvisation from the 'unlit overpass' album. The score usually requires a conductor to keep everyone on the same page, but it can be performed by a saavy ensemble. Notated without time signatures or barlines, the free flowing time stream makes performing this piece an interesting challenge, with or without a conductor.

This is one of my personal favorite songs from the DennyDennyBreakfast album "Memento Mori". It was very tricky to notate what was on the recording an improvised drumset part.

I have composed extensively for ensembles of chekere of various sizes. Here is one example of a piece for 5 Chekere.